Virtual Live Workshop

Monday, February 10, 2020  12:30pm - 2:30pm Pacific

Preparing Your 2020 Marketing Plan 

Learn what you need to know about marketing in print, online and networking!

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If you’re like most coaches, you were drawn to this profession because you like helping people.
But the truth is you can’t help many people if you don’t stay in business.

As coaches, we need to understand that our ability to build a powerful practice depends largely on how well we market ourselves, constantly.

You can’t simply call yourself a coach, get some cards, put up a website,
tell your friends, and expect to be successful.            - 
Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC

This afternoon workshop features a panel of our members who are experts to help us navigate the multitude of avenues and vehicles for “getting the word out” to build our business without getting overwhelmed. You will gain clarity and focus for your 2020 marketing plans so you can increase your chances of commercial success as a coach.

Facilitator:  Karina Klepach, VP Marketing

Panel:            Sheryl Roush, “Designing Effective Marketing in Print

                        Dr. Tom Teague, “Attracting Clients through Online Conversations

                        Lisa Bentson, "The Perfect Mix of Networking to Build Your Business"     

As always, our workshops are designed to provide information you can utilize right away. Please plan to attend this informative and interactive session to learn what you need to know about marketing your business in 2020! 

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