Virtual Live Workshop

Tuesday, October 27, 2020  9:00am - 10:30am Pacific

The Hidden Secrets of
Coaching Effectively using Zoom

How to create a virtual coaching environment that is conducive to your confidence and your coaching client’s results

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With all the twists and changes that 2020 brought with her, perhaps the most important transition that many service providers experience, is the shift from delivering services in-person to using the Internet as their “meeting place”.

While this is an opportunity to expand your reach as a coach and teach anyone in the world, it comes with a need to up-level your command of the virtual environment. The level of intimacy and trust that you used to create in your in-person environment must now be created on Zoom.

The problem is, most people today feel “zoomed-out”.  Your job is to overcome their resistance (and maybe yours, too). Your goal is for your clients to leave your meetings energized and excited! 


In this live workshop, you will learn…

  • A simple strategy to create a virtual coaching environment that is conducive to your confidence and your coaching client’s results.
  • Ways to become an engaging meeting leader on-line and keep your message clear and your attendees engaged.
  • Configuration tips to set up your coaching sessions for optimal performance vis-à-vis the goals of each meeting.

Zoom gives you helpful tools and features that you might not be aware of. This presentation will lay the path for you to fully realize your coaching potential in the on-line space.

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About the speaker

Yoram Baltinester is a self-described serial entrepreneur since 1985.  Yoram led a successful career in the Middle East, Europe and North America, creating a half dozen high-tech and personal development companies. During these decade, Yoram created and refined the LifeDesign Method and the Decisive Action Protocol. These tools facilitate effective leadership, high-quality decision-making, purposeful engagement, and the creation of meaningful success in life without sacrificing balance.

In 2010 Yoram gave up working in the office and transitioned his whole company to the work-from-home model. In 2013, he sold the company and started his current coaching business, Decisive Action Workshops, growing it as a solopreneur, working from home and using Zoom as his on-line platform.

Yoram has twice been named an Amazon International Best Selling author; has been featured in Influential People Magazine, has spoken on stages at Microsoft TechEd, Pitbull Conference, FemmePower, and Ultimate Millionaire Summit. He even served on the board of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance!