Business Roundtable

Thursday, February 18, 2021  8:00am - 10:00am Pacific

SDPCA Members Only

Hosted by Jack Rand, SDPCA VP Workshops

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Members, bring your business questions and challenges and your experience and wisdom as we join together and help each other with business growth in real time!

In this interactive virtual session, you will ... 

  • have spotlight time to introduce yourself, share 'readers digest version' of how you got started, who and how you serve your clients
  • ask for and receive feedback and ideas for a current problem you need support with
  • contribute feedback and ideas to others problems they are asking for support with
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About the facilitator

Jack Rand, Strategic Business Coach, Author, Speaker

For over 30 years, Jack has developed transformational selling systems for self-employed service providers that have generated millions of dollars in new revenue.

Jack engages the audience and invites them to discover how to be more effective and results orientated. He's comfortable being transparent, vulnerable, authentic and encourages his audience to be the same. His straightforward quick-witted approach allows the participants to hear and use the message.

His Programs are interactive, hands-on experiences that lead you step-by-step through each process to achieve the results you really want. 

Jack has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications and graduate level Project Management courses.

He's awarded for being top in Sales and MVP at Hewlett-Packard, a Fortune 100 company.

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