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The San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA) , established in 1996, is the premier and longest-operating coaching Association in San Diego. We are a 501(c)6 non-profit member organization.

SDPCA accelerates professional thought influence through leadership and innovation.
SDPCA empowers professional coaches and thought leaders to THRIVE by providing a collaborative alliance that inspires positive change.
SDPCA membership holds these core values in all that we do. We value:
  • Member-focus
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Progressiveness
  • Passion
  • Service-orientation
Members & Services

#SanDiegoCoaches includes: business coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, financial advisors, leadership coaches, life coaches, marketing coaching, management coaches, online business, performance and public speaking coaches, work-life balance, and many more. Coaching and consulting specialties include: ADHD, aging, DISC, Enneagram, health and wellness, money and finance, parenting, relationship advice, retirement, sales, social media, strategy, StrengthFinders, stress management, spiritual, team performance, technology, video, and women in transition, to name a few.

Members also include authors, consultants, facilitators, mentors, motivational speakers, trainers and presenters.

Unique services of these professionals also include: media production, performance coaching, singing, storytelling online, voice coaching and voice-over coaching.

Monthly Meetings

At our membership meetings you will enjoy a friendly, fun, inclusive, and innovative community of coaches and entrepreneurs. You will experience all levels of coaches where you will learn skills you can use immediately in your business. Immerse yourself in learning from guest speakers, subject matter experts and fellow members.

Meetings are held the second Monday of every month from 8:30am to 12 Noon Pacific, with workshops scheduled throughout the month. These informative sessions, which may offer you CEU credits too, are highly engaging. Each event provides great opportunity to network and meet others in the coaching community

FIRST TIME GUESTS attend for FREE! Visit our Meetings page to see what's coming up.

Benefits from Membership!

Members enjoy abundant benefits, including attending all meetings and post-meeting workshops free of charge. Coach Level Members benefits from massive global exposure with a Coach Finder profile. For more about these benefits, visit our Join Us page.

SDPCA Board of Directors

Tom Teague, PhD - President & VP Technology

Dr. Tom Teague was invited by Joni Wilson, 2018 VP Marketing, to come to an SDPCA meeting in April 2018.  When the Board found themselves needing someone to step into the VP Communications role in July, Joni nudged Tom to apply. Tom has been delighted to work with the SDPCA Board as VP Communications in 2018 and 2019. 

In the Fall of 2018, Tom proposed and implemented a major renovation of the SDPCA website. He transformed the aging SDPCA website into the full-featured online business platform that it is today. As VP Communications in 2019, Tom expanded his role to also include the VP Technology function (added board position for 2020). He proposed and implemented online recording and broadcasting of SDPCA meetings using Zoom, posting those meeting recordings in the private member area, and re-activating the SDCPA Membership Directory to promote member networking. He developed the SDPCA Marketplace which enables SDPCA and its members to use the SDPCA website to market their books, speaking, and products and services. In addition, Tom added electronic voting for the 2019 elections into the private member area. He has also set up a board member training area to promote ongoing board transition training and organizational continuity.

As an online business coach and a Certified High Performance Coach™ Tom consults, coaches and trains fellow service-based entrepreneurs in designing, building and using online business platforms to increase their impact and their income.

Email[email protected]

More about Tom …


Secretary - Sheryl Roush

Originally invited to #SDPCA as a guest speaker, five times, Sheryl Roush was then asked to join… so she did!  A member for nearly 20 years, her commitment to #SanDiegoCoaches remains as strong now as it did then. She served as President in 2005, then simultaneously served in the interim positions of VP Marketing and VP Communications (2017).  Sheryl was elected President again in 2018, and for 2019.  For 2020 Sheryl serves as Secretary, mentoring members for leadership and continuing to boost membership in our growing organization. Her ideas over the years have included designing and publishing the SDPCA Membership Directory, with one of her original watercolors used on the front cover, a silhouette of the Coronado Bridge. The spiral desk-copy booklet generated income for SDPCA while helping members refer and generate business. Over the past two years she has given us a strong social media presence. CEO of Sparkle Presentations, Inc., she is a conference speaker, trainer, coach and consultant, and combines her subject matter expertise of speaking (30+ years) and marketing (45+ years) for those who want to expand into the business of public speaking or market their business and services using speaking. 

Email: [email protected]

More about Sheryl ... 

Treasurer - Linda Edmiston

In 2018, Linda was introduced to SDPCA in August 2018 and joined at her first meeting. With her background of 25 years in Corporate Sales, Marketing, and Finance, as well as being an Advanced Certified Life Transformed™ Coach and founder of Life Transform Coaching, Linda was the perfect fit to  be elected Treasurer of the organization for 2020.  Linda has been a life coach since 2017 and also has a degree in Finance. Her business expertise combines budgeting, planning, organization, and event planning which she is happy to put to good use helping SDPCA to continue to grow into the future.

Linda helps stressed out individuals find their way out of the overwhelm and burnout into lives they really enjoy. So many people have forgotten what it is like not to struggle. She shows them the way out. Linda combines concrete tools with heart centered processes that allow her clients to balance their heart, mind, and body. When you bring your life into balance, you live with more confidence, more awareness of what you truly want in life, and you have the plan to get there.  Your personal and professional relationships flourish, you have more financial prosperity, and you make the choices that expand your life. 

You can find out more about Linda and Life Transform Coaching at www.LindaEdmiston.com.

VP Communications - Lisa Bentson

In 2003 Lisa completed the Guiding Mindful Change Coaching Program working directly with its founder and SDPCA past president Billie Frances.  Upon completion she joined the SDPCA to assist her in maximizing the training and continuing to learn additional skills to help Leads Club Members.   She left the organization due to her busy travel schedule for Leads Club and is happy to be back to this dynamic Organization.

Lisa Bentson is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of Leads Club, an international business networking organization that was founded in 1978. Today Lisa oversees operations which provide services to more than 5,000 members in the United States and abroad. Lisa’s passion is to ensure that all Leads Club Members enjoy the maximum benefit that her organization has to offer. She takes great satisfaction in working with people who are just starting their own businesses as well as established businesspeople who want to take it to the next level. 

Lisa recently opened her Coaching business up to the public.  Having Coached thousands of Leads Club Members over the past 30+ years, she is excited to take on new clients and assist them with their personal and/or professional prosperity.

Lisa is a frequent speaker for business and professional groups around the world where she shares effective networking techniques with women’s opportunity programs, community colleges, national seminars, and service clubs. One of her most popular presentations is a half-day, hands-on Focused Networking™ Workshop.

On the volunteer front, Lisa is a mentor for SCORE, a resource partner of the Small Business Association (SBA).  She also is an advocate for Greyhound Rescue which places former racing dogs in loving homes.   And now, proudly serving as VP Communications for SDPCA.

Email: [email protected] 

Learn more about Lisa on LinkedIn 


VP Marketing - VACANT

The VP Marketing Board member prepares and disseminates information about SDPCA to the appropriate media that attracts attention, expands its reach, and encourages membership growth.

VP Meetings - Laura Diaz, BCC

Laura was invited to SDPCA meeting by her coaching colleagues and instructors during the time she was training with Accomplishment Coach training in 2011-12.    Since that time, she has been attending most of the meetings and has found value in the speakers, the material that is offered and networking with SDPCA members.  During 2012, she was preparing to retire from State Civil Services after 34 years and she was going through a transitional period of leaving a routine job as a Team Manager with familiar faces and connections.  The year 2013 was her first year of freedom where she decided to start expanding her coaching business into the San Diego community.  It was until 2018, that she decided to join the SDPCA Board and applied to be a Member At Large.  Her decision came when her intuition responded to a call from the President at the November 2018 meeting that 2 vacancies were available.

Laura Diaz is a professionally trained life coach.  She is the founder of In Harmony Coaching, a company whose focus is to inspire and increase a woman’s self-confidence.  She helps women with career and life transition build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives.   She is a Board-Certified Coach. (BCC)

She is also a certified DreamBuilder™ Coach, and helps people discover their dreams, and navigate the gap between their old and new paradigms.

Email: [email protected]

More about Laura ...


VP Membership - Janina Goldberg

New to town in March 2015 as a Life & Business Coach, Janina met Cindi Britton and was warmly invited to check out SDPCA. Janina took the long way around the variety of San Diego’s networking groups (simply put - took 4 years!) and finally decided to visit SDPCA in September 2018. Janina joined at her next visit in November 2018! Timing is everything! She raised her hand to be one of the speakers at the March Marathon – Pot of Gold Skill-Building Day bringing awareness to maximizing what’s on your calendar and sharing her Project Completion Grid.  And because of her presence, engagement and connection spirit, Janina was invited to fill the VP Membership position on the Board in May 2019.

Janina has been with her adventurous husband for over 30 years and together raised an amazing successful college-graduate son! You can imagine she understands change and transitions: jobs, employment, stages of life, traveling, living in not only different houses but also moving from coast to coast! She's experienced leaving a 23+ year successful corporate career, becoming an entrepreneur and adapting and embracing an empty-nest! While she doesn't have all the answers, she does know first-hand that mindset, intention, planning and grace are at the foundation of all change and staying open and curious through it all.

With strengths of Connectedness and Developer, Janina has been operating in her Zone of Genius her whole life in a variety of settings including 20+ years as Business Operations Support Manager at Pfizer and 7+ years as Mindset & Process Strategist and Accountability Coach. Janina easily identifies redundancies, gaps, efficiencies, streamlining for maximum ease in execution bringing a fresh perspective, which allows for planning and high productivity on a path of least resistance. Read more about Janina at http://www.janinagoldberg.com

Email: [email protected] 

VP Programs - Margo Garcia

Margo Garcia founded Great Leader Coaching to help good managers become great leaders.  She works with accomplished, committed people who are ready to become the leader they want to be; the leader their organization needs them to be.  She helps them build trust, grow their influence and increase their impact, both inside organizations and in the relationships that mean the most to them.  With experience coaching executive teams, senior/mid-level managers, and individuals, she is a sought-after to help professionals embrace their boldness, take action and achieve results they thought were beyond their grasp.

Margo has a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Michigan.  Her 30+ year career in Organizational Development and corporate Human Resources allowed her to work with leaders in diverse organizations: large and small, decentralized, global, corporate and privately held..  She has custom-developed leadership programs for many of these organizations and is certified to teach many of the top leadership, performance, communication, accountability and change management programs and workshops.  She is an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach

If you want to create something big in your life; to take the next step toward creating a life of purpose, fulfillment and joy, Margo is the perfect partner to support you on your journey to look at the world through the lens of possibility and to live your life with intention.

Email: [email protected]

Board Member At Large - Jodi Valdes, BCC

Jodi is founder of  Spiritual Wake-Up Call, which is a women’s empowerment coaching company that offers mind, body and spirit personal development tools and strategies to conscious female professionals, change makers, and leaders creating more balance with inner and outer life so that they can get to their next level of achievement. 

Jodi first joined SDPCA in 2007. She has over 12 years experience serving on various boards in the San Diego area. 

Email: [email protected] 



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