The Secret Sauce for LinkedIn Success


The Professional Coaches Alliance started off the year with an inspiring and informative presentation, “Posting 4 Profits,” by Rhonda L. Sher, a nationally recognized LinkedIn expert, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. Rhonda shared multiple tips and lots of examples on how to use LinkedIn to generate 2-4 new clients a week.

Following an introduction to her own story and how she used her LinkedIn superpower for success, Rhonda described the Sher Method for using LinkedIn-Present, Post, and Profit. 

How you “Present” is through a LinkedIn profile that clearly introduces the expert or professional you are. The banner and text tell visitors what you do and why they should work with you.  Rhonda asked, “Does your profile differentiate you?” Use short testimonial videos to highlight client results and impressions.

Post consistently at least 3 days a week. The best time is 9AM. Before putting up a new post, see who Liked past posts and respond to any Comments. These are people you can connect with. Also share others’ posts and note who Liked their shares. Look at all the reactions, and message people you’re interested in.  Invite them to sign up for a short conversation that you keep in the “no-sale” zone. Give them a link to your phone schedule and wake up to a calendar filled with appointments. Rhonda carves out time each day for one or two 30 minute calls. 

What to post?  Focus on things that are motivational or inspirational.  Ask questions that will lead to more responses. 

Profits - How much more money would you generate if your could book 10 - 40 appointments per month? Here’s how Rhonda penciled it out from one sample post:           

            1 Post - 416 Likes

                            50  She wants to talk to and sends an invitation
                            35  Book appointments to talk
                              5  Become clients

Perception is everything, so ask others for honest feedback about your profile and posts. 

The “secret sauce” for success using LinkedIn is interacting with others, posting, and being consistent.  As Rhonda reiterated, “If you’re not linked in, you are left out.” 

Rhonda made a generous offer for participants interested in her upcoming masterclass “52 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn.”  Many takeaways and commitments to action were shared in our final breakout sessions.


Submitted by,

Virginia B Berger

The Baby Boomer Retirement Coach
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