5 Major Changes That Can Affect Your Coaching Business in 2022

2022 A Time for Change


 Planting The "Seeds Of Change"

After struggling through the past two years, change is coming. The coaching business will not be going back to the way things were! Let's face it . . . Change IS Inevitable, and it can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

Changing the Way We Look at Change!

Since time began, one thing has remained constant, CHANGE: It keeps forcing us to move forward, whether we like it or not! Seriously fellow coaches, with all the new technologies, workforce models, and marketing strategies, surfacing in 2022, what's not to like; especially in the coaching business? Our biggest challenge is keeping up with all of this perpetual motion of change.

Here's The Good News: 2022 has also ushered in a multitude of change for the Professional Coaches Alliance membership, starting with our name change and our branding. Because we are now Global, we have dropped San Diego off our name to become: The Professional Coaches Alliance-PCA. (See Note for info)

#1. The Pandemic: The Biggest Game-changer of All!

Not only did the pandemic keep people at home so they could not co-mingle or network, it forced us to do business online. Coaches as a rule are not well-versed in technology, so setting up a coaching business is often a stress-jolter. The question often asked is: "I'm not a "techie" . . .where can I find help to set up my online business?" Which leads us to  . . .

#2. Creating A Coaching Business: Making Money Doing What You Love!

Now that we are no longer meeting face to face, the biggest change is the Zooming of our meetings and workshops with clients and communities. The plus side of this change is: "All the World is Now our Stage." At PCA, we are going into our third year of meeting on-line which has opened a portal to a variety of coaching categories and clients we had no idea existed. Having a coaching Business is no longer a: "Should I?" And the answer to that is . . .

#3. The Importance of Community!

The era of the solopreneur is yesterday’s news. During this pandemic, we have seen many examples of people helping people, and that is a positive change in this crazy world we live in. The key to finding a like-minded-community with like-minded values, and there are plenty to choose from online, is to take your time and choose wisely! If possible, sign in as a guest and interact at their meeting. (At PCA we offer a free month’s membership to check us out. FYI: PCA Is The New Coaching 2.0 Community.)

#4.  Today Clients Want to See Who Is Coaching Them

2022 is the year of video coaching, training, and consulting. From meeting online with your board members, your club members, your teachers, your mentors and now, even your doctors, there is no way that your clients do not want to see with their own eyes, who is guiding their life. This is a huge change, and each year it keeps growing bigger. The latest figures show that Life Coaching is a $2 Billion industry, and estimate there are now 4,360,000 coaches globally . . . And they all want to see your face on Zoom. If you are afraid of that camera, find a coach who can help you meet your clients face to face. You can do this!

#5 2022's Latest Marketing Trend: Affiliate Marketing, The Access Pass to Your Digital Future.

"There is no denying that affiliate marketing is here to stay. By 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to eclipse the $8 billion mark, nearly double what it was worth in 2015." (Forbes)

‘Affiliate’ is one of the buzzwords happening in today’s business world. So . . .What is an affiliate marketer you ask?" It is someone who introduces their "list of clients" to the products and services of another. The affiliate marketer doesn't develop the product, ship the product, or handle the payment to the owner. He/she simply refers others to products and/or services offered on the internet, and when a sale is made, he/she earns a commission.  

In other words, you as an affiliate coach, will promote the products or services of another member to your customers by means of an internet connection link, and good part is, every time you generate a sale for another coach, it will be tracked by your affiliate link, and as a result, you earn a commission. 

Stay tuned for next month's Marking Minute where we will Deep-dive into the how's, what's and why's of Affiliate Marketing, and how you can earn extra income in your Jammies. Don't miss this one!

NOTE: For a full overview of current changes, benefits, and especially opportunities at Professional Coaches Alliance, please click the link below and read PCA President Dr. Tom Teague's explanation of who we are, our mission and how to join us for a free month membership to look us over. https://www.sandiegocoaches.org/


Joni Wilson VP Marketing Professional Coaches Alliance

As 4X bestselling author of 8 books, Joni is one of the World’s Foremost Voice Experts. She created the amazing 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System and earned a Professional Certification in Digital and Social Media from San Diego State University, She is currently the VP of Marketing for the Professional Coaches Alliance and began her career as an opening act for Elvis, (the real one). Joni currently coaches’ speakers, singers, business pros & coaches; in voice, stage, and video performance.