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My passion is helping coaches spread your message to the world using online video. Coaches and video are a great match because video is the #1 way to build a connection online and that connection is critical to a successful coaching practice.

I offer the three types of videos all coaches need: Client Testimonials, About Page Videos and Authority Building Videos (on YouTube.) My process for creating your videos is unique. Your videos will be authentic and convincing for future clients and designed for conversion. 

Everything I offer can be accomplished with you sitting at your computer, in the comfort of your home or office. I will work with you via Skype to create authentic videos that convert. On the internet, potential clients expect to see you on camera. They don’t expect a fancy professionally produced sizzle reel. Today, authenticity carries the day. 

But many coaches are new to video. So I help you thread the needle between authenticity and professionalism. And I help you create the videos that your potential clients need to see to become you future clients.

Most videographers can produce a beautiful video, with surround sound, fancy graphics and lots of makeup / hairspray. But they don’t know how to create videos that serve a specific purpose in a coaching practice. If you are interested in professionally produced videos, I work with a network of videographers across the globe who can add the sizzle - while I run the show and make sure your video provides blockbuster results.

Because I specialize in working with coaches, I understand the industry, the clientele and the language to make our relationship most effective.


I work with coaches, consultants and similar businesses. My passion is working with clients who provide a service that transform lives. Most people with my skill set work with fortune 500 companies, but I want to see more people live to their full potential - something coaching provides. So I help coaches spread your message.

Partial Client List

  • inviteCHANGE Coaching School
  • Ignite80, Leadership Coaching / Consulting
  • ICF Oregon Chapter
  • ICF Washington Chapter
  • Lyssa deHart, MCC / Mentor Coach
  • Danielle Ross, Speaking Coach
  • Merit Gest, Sales Coach
  • Sharon LaCroix, Health and Wellness Coach
  • Paul Renaud, Executive Coach
  • Renee Riley-Adams, Life Coach
  • Arianne Weiner, Business Coach
  • Linda Cohen, Motivational Speaker

Professional Services Offered

  • Video Testimonials via Skype
  • Video Headshots via Skype
  • Authority Building Videos on YouTube
  • eCourse video production
  • eCourse video and YouTube consulting/coaching
  • Trainings online, via webinar and in person.

What Clients Can Expect 

Online video is usually a marketing tactic that allows potential clients to a) see you as an expert in your niche b) get to know/like/trust you from anywhere in the world and c) meet your prior clients and see the success you’ve helped them achieve.

My goal is for coaches to spread their message effectively - by sharing your value online and by building a bigger practice to impact lives directly.

I work over the Internet with most of my clients - using your webcam or smartphone to record videos under my direction. We start by developing a strategy to serve your business and we end by handling all the technical aspects including editing and SEO.

I love to start with a free strategy session to help me understand your strengths and needs so that I can recommend the types of video that will best serve you. You can schedule that session at

Affiliations / Organizations

  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
  • ICF Oregon Charter Chapter


After years of working behind the scenes with video, I realized that to be seen as an authority, I needed to get in front of the camera. And that was not easy - so I understand what many clients are feeling when they start using video. I was behind the camera for nearly 20 years. I was a camera operator, director, writer, producer, editor, promoter. But over the past few years, I’ve learned to become comfortable on camera and to share my value online - in the same way that you can share your value.

I currently live most of the year in Portland OR, spending the winter months in San Diego and traveling extensively throughout the year. I love speaking to groups interested in online video. 

Resources & Offers

The Fabulous Coaches Guide to Online Video

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