Lori Sheets


Get Clarity and Jump into the flow of life! 

I created Guidance to Clarity to support others as they become clear about what they wanted to bring into their life experience. This clarity allows the next steps to manifest and begins the feelings of calm and confidence. I believe that each person’s answers are within. The coaching questions I use reveal so much in gaining that self knowledge that translates into more productive living and satisfying relationships.


I love to coach individual or groups who feel stuck. They want to move forward in their lives but they are not. I enjoy working with teens and women.

Professional Services Offered

  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Small Group Facilitation
  • Speaking

Projects / Case Studies / Results

  • Family Friendly Schools—Coaching teachers for greater retention
  • Welfare to Work—Coached those on Welfare to encourage to seek work

What Clients Can Expect

"I wanted to work with a coach who is inspiring, truthful and encouraging. Lori enjoys helping people and is not the type of coach that has all the answers but she is skilled in helping you reveal your answers."

-- Kim Lippa

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • BBC Certified-Guiding Mindful Change
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Community Disaster Education Team—Red Cross
  • Ohio State University-B.S. Education
  • Emerson Theological Institute-Masters Religious Studies

Affiliations / Organizations

  • Community Disaster Education Team-Red Cross
  • Seaside Center for Spiritual Living-Youth and Family Minister, Membership Minister
  • Vision- Membership Minister

Bio / Background

Lori Sheets is an experienced coach, facilitator and speaker.

Known for using her wit and love of humor to create the perfect climate for learning and growing. She inspires others in a style that is both humble and powerful. As a leader in her spiritualWil community, she has been able to successfully mesh spiritual  insights with tools for successful living.

Lori has committed her life to helping others see their brilliance and sharing the tools to discover it.

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]   
Phone: 858 692 1547 
Website: LinkedIn Profile


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