Teresa Skrepenski


Teresa is unique in that she incorporates coaching into all the services she offers.  As an advocate for life long learning and as an instructor, she values education and takes the time to ensure that her clients understand the concepts being discussed and more importantly know how to implement them.  With a master’s in public administration paired with her decade long career mentoring, coaching, advising and consulting, Teresa offers a well-rounded scope of practice for almost any professional.


Teresa’s portfolio ranges from government entities, military personnel, international corporations, non-profit organizations and even to individuals.  Some examples include Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE), Small Business Administration (SBA), several military facilities based both the east and west coasts, Tri-River Foods in Harbin, China, Hook, in Japan, as well as local San Diego individuals looking for guidance in their next steps in their lives.

Professional Services Offered

The types of services offered range from assessments, coaching, step by step mentoring, international sales and marketing, consulting, public speaking lessons, as well technical writing, grant writing, fundraising and women in leadership workshops.  All- services offered are tailored to meet the audience’s needs, goals and objectives.  Sessions are held both individually and in groups.

What Clients Can Expect

Teresa’s clients have achieved lifetime goals, overcome obstacles that have been blocking their potential for years, secured dream jobs, improved their self-awareness and self-confidence, negotiated high caliber salaries and simply achieved a happier life.  Her nonprofits clients have secured record amounts of funding, learned the power of strategic partnerships as well as achieving the highest organizational milestones.

Professional Certifications / Qualifications 

  • Master in Public Administration
  • 15 years of consulting small businesses
  • 20 years of grant writing and fundraising experience
  • 8 years of coaching and mentoring
  • Over 30 million dollars secured in grant funding
  • 25 years of in-depth discussions on money management

Honors / Awards

Youngest woman in the Business and Professionals Women’s Club to receive the Women of the Year Award

Affiliations / Organizations

  • Pacific Arts Movement, Board of Directors
  • University of Wisconsin Foundation Board of Directors

Additional Languages

Basic understanding of Spanish and some Japanese

Contact Me

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 760-554-1763 
Social Media: www.linkedin.com/in/teresa-skrepenski-b05b951a


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