Timi Gleason


Coach Timi Gleason specializes in Leadership and Strategy coaching.  She officially started coaching in 1999 with 15 years in HR Leadership, dot.com recruiting, and O.D. practitioner work at Cox Communications in San Diego, and Tribune Company out of Chicago, IL, previously.  She has unique coaching and consulting expertise in business intuition, critical thinking, and Conversational Intelligence® at work. 

Her ideal client is an experienced, motivated senior leader who is upwardly mobile, is growing professionally, and is looking for ways to navigate the gap between the idealism of being a leader and the reality and challenges of leading.

She finds that once her clients start taking on strategic responsibilities, “the pressure is ON” to perform at a faster pace. And often strategic thinking becomes buried in daily problem solving and firefighting. The 21st century market place is extremely demanding and she calmly walks the journey with her clients.

She makes sure they can articulate their leadership style, align with the needs of their current roles they play and are focused on their potential for upward mobility.  Timi helps clients find practical ways to develop their subordinate’s critical thinking skills so they can become autonomous and promotable.  In a matter of weeks, clients see how to begin taking their departments and careers to the next level.

Often, all leaders know is that they are expected to hunker down and make sure they meet our goals, tick off the numbers on their KPI’s, and work harder to understand what their bosses expect.  Drawing on her 20+ years of actual leadership experience, Timi shows clients how to identify and sort through their biggest barriers, re-set perception with their peers, and attract their next promotion.


Timi’s primary clients are Senior Managers in sales, sciences, legal, operations, marketing, HR and I.T.  Timi is highly experienced in coaching with racially diverse leaders, and has firsthand experience, and a long history of role-modeling leadership presence in male-dominated industries.  She works frequently with veteran personnel who transition into private industry. And about 15% of her clients are located in Germany, Great Britain, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, and the Middle East through large government and private sector biomedical and technology companies.

Timi’s clientele is 80% San Diego local and Federal Government EE’s and corporations in North County and Northern California Silicon Valley Tech and Biomedical industries.

Twenty-percent of Timi’s work is dedicated to helping high potential non-profit leaders with strategic planning and leadership development. Timi works regularly with national hero, Antoinette Tuff, who in 2013 talked down an active shooter and created the first and only incident of a school shooting where no deaths or injuries occurred. She is helping Antoinette create a duplicative system called “Groups of 20” so Antoinette can grow her NPO Kids on the Move for Success and sTEAM programs for grade school homeless and foster children in underserved areas of both Georgia and Texas.

Seventy-percent of Timi’s clients meet with her remotely on the telephone or on video; 30% she meets in-person.

Professional Services Offered

Depending on needs, Timi and her client make sure they have a clearly definable Leadership Style, can articulate any needed behavior changes; are aligned on the differences between “managing versus leading”. Timi ensures her client is speaking a clear Leadership Language in preparation for promotional interviews; and when requested, she helps with debriefing 360 degree assessments. Timi provides coaching around Professional Development Plans and is agile in her ability to connect and discuss the following leadership assessments: Gallup Strengths; Birkman Behavioral; DISC; MBTI; Conversational Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence; or the How to Fascinate Assessment, which identifies your personal brand (i.e. how people see you).

Timi meets with clients using online audio/video conferencing technology (zoom) and as needed, provides group coaching opportunities as well. Professionally, she is Certified in Stakeholder Centered Coaching and she offers Virtual (and Crowd-Sourced) strategic planning for NPO’s and private sector departments and companies who are remotely located or limited in their budget to bring their team members together for planning.

Projects / Case Studies / Results

  • Highly successful turning around belief systems and unproductive behaviors within 2-4 sessions.
  • Creator of the 2020 Mastermind Club, a SDPCA program for members who have committed to transform their careers and lifestyles by July 1, 2020.
  • One of four select clients to participate in the Spring graduate degree, USC School of Non-Profit Management Master’s Program for help to develop a 5-10 year global business plan and strategic road map.
  • Senior Coach on various multi-year contracts to develop leaders business acumen within various local and federal government agencies.
  • Author of Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration (2015); Coach as Strategic Partner (2010); contributor to several executive coaching books.

What Clients Can Expect

“Coach Timi, I am writing to you to tell you that I was awarded a promotion today. I spoke like a leader and it worked!  I immediately told my previous manager what had happened, and she told me that the reason she was promoted was because she followed what you taught her when you were her coach two years ago. It blew our minds to discover this common experience with you.  We both are in higher paying roles now with more status and responsibility. We wanted you to know the good news!” 

     - Nathan C. (Materials Dept - Sr. Management)

“Coach Timi provided honest feedback as requested. She provided real world examples along with applicable tools I can use in my daily duties. Whenever I proposed current situations, she helped me walk through my thought processes about people, tasks, and processes, which allowed her to assess, and then provide the appropriate feedback. She allowed me to self-reflect and share my thoughts openly.”

     - Fred S. (Textile Manufacturing Mgr.)

“I must say that when I was told that Coaching Sessions were an integral part of my professional development I was concerned whether they would/could add value to my career.  I can say with the utmost confidence that not only did each coaching session with Timi add value to the program but I personally gained insight about myself and now I consider different ways to better communicate with my team. To a large extent, Timi adjusted her approach in our sessions to my specific environment and experiences, making our connection relevant as well as, our communications open.  Thank you Timi…I've learned a great deal about myself and my particular leadership and management styles.”

     - Steve W. (Production Mgmt)

“Awesome experience!  Coach Timi was able to make me more aware of how I see myself as a person, the connection she created in helping me understand the way I am is priceless.  Coach Timi also did an outstanding job of linking my MSF results, strengths, and weaknesses (opportunities for improvement) to the mission, vision, and values.  This was truly a positive and eye-opening experience for me.  I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have received – 2 thumbs up to Coach Timi!”

     - Charles W. (Technical Training Mgmt)

“This process has been the single most valuable activity in my entire leadership program to date. Timi was an absolete professional, and her ability to make me step back and rethink how I am approaching both leadership of my team and my career was eye opening. I'm now using strategic thinking to take my leadership abilities to the next level here, whereas before I just managed people, and often overlooked the bigger picture of how my/their efforts impacted the larger organization. You have a good one here in Timi, and continuing to give her more clients to coach would most definitely be in the best interests of our company.” 

     - William L. (Vendor Contracts Mgr.)

“More please! These sessions were very insightful in helping me to see current issues and possible solutions from another angle. It is easy as a manager to focus on completing tasks and put things that don't provide an immediate tangible result (such as fostering employee relationships) on the back burner. These sessions allocated time specifically to focus on sharpening leadership skills and reflect on what I can do better. I have not had this quality of mentoring since working in the corporate sector and think this should be available to all leaders, not just the ones our department. Timi is a wonderful coach and I will treasure the knowledge received from our sessions.”

     - Art F. (Mgr. Logistics Administration)

“Identifying my strengths and weaknesses was very valuable. Timi was very knowledgable and knew how to relay the information in a positive way. We were able to create an amazing action plan that provided me with goals and it will allow me to track, measure, and monitor my progress accordingly. Anytime that I had a question, she would take time to discuss it and provide me with exceptional information. I am lucky to have had such a great coaching experience.”

     - Sandra I. (Marketing Mgr.)

“Thank you for allowing me to experience Timi Gleason’s coaching style.  It met my expectations as to what I thought a coach would be able to do for me professionally. Timi was absolutely wonderful to work with and I found her guidance helpful when it came to navigating through unchartered waters.  I hope that I will have another coaching opportunity in my lifetime because I truly see the benefits that coaching can provide to someone.”

      - Catherine C.  (Bio Medical Purchasing Dtr.)

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • Certified Conversational Intelligence;
  • Global Member of Stakeholder-Centered Coaching/Goldsmith Method;
  • Gold Mastery in Strategic Management and Systems Thinking;  Master Coach - Career Coach Institute;
  • Certified Community Mediator (San Diego Mediation Center);
  • NLP Coaching (Bullard Coaching Strategies);
  • Business-Coach (B-Coach, LLC);
  • UCSD Certification in Creativity in Business and Education;
  • Netspeed “Webinar Facilitator” Certification.
  • Stanford University/Course: Philanthropy.

Honors / Awards

  • Selected by Dr. Judith Glaser/Conversational Intelligence as 1 of 9 “Dream Team” coaches.
  • National award from the Association for Strategic Planning: Outstanding Member
  • Selected by Marshall Goldsmith’s Organization: Stakeholder Centered Coaching to join their global team as a coach.
  • Requested by Career Coach Institute to teach their core curriculum when owner had cancer
  • Asked by Rotary District 5340 to run an extra year as Chapter President to save a troubled club.

Affiliations / Organizations

List affiliations and organizations to which you currently belong, or have previously.

  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
  • Center for Wealth and Legacy – Leadership Insights Forum
  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • Association for Strategic Planning
  • Rotary International – District 5340
  • SanDAPT: San Diego Association of Personality Type
  • San Diego Mediation Center
  • Creative Education Foundation
  • Grameen de la Frontera – microcredit lending for women in extreme poverty

Additional Languages

Speak Intermediate level Spanish


SDSU Aztec Alumni/Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies & Consumer Sciences; resident of Scripps Ranch; proud mom of two successful young adults; have traveled throughout the mainland of Mexico. Favorite thing about working with federally-employed leaders is the exposure I have to cultural and racial diversity and the joy of our 1:1 discussions. Landmark Education: Advanced and Self-Expressed Leadership. Raised in San Francisco, CA.  Still in high school during “The Summer of Love” in 1967.


Becoming Strategic: Leading with Focus and Inspiration

Contact and Connect to Me

Email:                  [email protected]

Phone:                 858-245-8330

Website:              www.executivegoals.com

LinkedIn:             https://www.linkedin.com/in/timigleason/ 


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