Using Live Workshops and Assessments to Convert More Clients - Linda Schertzer


Snap Savvy Strategies CEO, Nikkie Achartz provided us with a lively presentation and discussion at our ACE meeting on Monday, March 14th.

Nikkie shared some current trends in the online world of coaching and made some interesting points around the power of live (on Zoom) connections we can use to support growth in our business.

She shared a strategic and relevant insight to online courses for 2022; While they may not be dead yet, they are certainly in a coma…

She did not leave us in mourning, though, she provided us with some new ideas.

The opportunity seems to use a more hybrid version of online programs, providing some live support. This may open some new and creative ways for us to think about how to build content in the near and long term.

She also provided us with some solid strategic approaches to closing more business. She walked us through the strategy of using assessments to help shape the perfect “live” pitch opportunity. And the good news is, we should be charging a fee for our assessments.

Creating a lower cost entry point, where we can assess and provide a DIY plan for our clients, allows us to use our “chat” time as a way to learn their needs and build our revenue at the same time.

Sounded good to me! So good, I am adapting it into my strategy for my online workshop at the end of the month!

This makes so much sense when you think about all of the decisions our potential clients need to make each day. Why would we want to add to their stress load by offering this solution, or this other one, or for a full year, you can have this one…..Sound familiar?

She encourages us to make it EASY for our clients to move to yes- and have that yes be a price point that is 3-5 times less than our coaching package. For example, if you charge $250 for your assessment, your next price package may be between $1000 and 1500 (assuming the $250 was able to be applied to the cost).

Decision fatigue is real, and when you think about all of the events going on in the world today, and Nikkie shared the impact of everything from Zoom fatigue to Covid - we all see the reality.

This image sums up an important “take-away” from the presentation:
Reduce the decision fatigue of your potential clients so they can move forward with a step that is “easy” for them to take.

She called it “Stop the Shop”. It lays the groundwork for the client to make a decision. Free assessments don’t motivate action. When a client has to pay a fee for the assessment, they already have skin in the game and are more likely to transact again. By allowing your client to apply that fee to the “higher offer”, you make it easy for them to take the next step after that!

She offers help in crafting your next assessment and learning how to get to the higher priced proposals and close them.

 She also shared a valuable chart allowing us to have some insight into where we might be getting stuck in our own business.

When she and her partner learned of it, they had their minds “blown”…(I told you she was lively.) She said we could use the chart in our work as it is publicly available and she did not have the source any longer.

So here it is:

Basically, if you are lacking the colored box, you will have the box under success. So, you can name and notice how you are feeling and it should guide you on what might be needed. This applies to our clients as well… And no, you should not have all of the emotions at one time! Just choose one. 😱

Example, if you are lacking Skills, you will likely be feeling Anxiety.

Contact Nikkie to Build and leverage assessments to make your proposals Pitch-Perfect. Nikkie Achartz,

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Linda Schertzer