Verna Bowen


Verna Bowen is an empowerment coach for women coaches. Having designed and delivered four signature coaching programs in North and South America, as well as online, Verna is passionate about empowering 1+ million coaches worldwide to have bolder vision and impact.


Women coaches in the personal development and wellness industries.

Professional Services Offered

Coaching, speaking, writing, and signature group coaching programs.

What Clients Can Expect

Coming out of Verna’s 5-Day Challenge last week, I created my website (90%) complete, wrote my first e-book, and setting up coaching meetings with individual clients. I am multi-talented, but I was always making excuses for not doing things I know I am capable of. Verna’s Challenge forced me to hold myself accountable and get things done. - Becca Mc, Director-Macbecam Consulting, Negril, Jamaica

Verna takes you into a journey where you are able to meet your blocks to living the life you want to live. Her courses are very structured, and her training is informative and inspiring. She takes you through a process of listening within so that you can dream even bigger. I would encourage you to participate in one of Verna's courses!  - Harriet Fagerholm, Coach and Author, Helsinki, Finland.

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

Certified Passion Test Facilitator


Verna first started unofficially coaching others as an early teen, but she began her career life in accounting, and after 30+ years working with balance sheets, she started a transition into coaching. She started by offering monthly workshops in 2010 for women on topics of personal empowerment. During this time she designed “Natural Inspirations,” a deck of inspirational cards, and wrote her first book, an inspirational story about how her blind dog, Bailey, inspired her to live in the moment, beyond perceived limitations. Verna donated 40% profits to the Calgary Humane Society.

Verna immersed full-time in life coach leadership training, learning under Dave Ellis Leadership in 2012, and over the next six years she designed and delivered four group coaching programs:

Empowered Life – 5 Steps to Creating A Life You Love
Empowered Relationships – The 5 Essential Ingredients
Empowerment Journaling – 6 Techniques for Eliciting Inner Wisdom
Implement & Thrive – The 7 Pillars of Success

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Sign up for Verna’s monthly 5-Day Challenge, “Implement & Thrive – The 7 Pillars of Success” here:

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