Why Is Affiliate Marketing "RED HOT" in 2022? - Joni Wilson and Tom Teague, PhD

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Why Is Affiliate Marketing "RED HOT" In 2022?
It Is Your Access Pass To The Digital Future

Joni WIlson, VP Marketing
Tom Teague, President

As the pandemic begins winding down, we have yet to learn what our promised "New Normal" actually looks like. What we have learned, after almost two years of social distancing, is that: Yes, we do miss the joys of gathering in person, (especially the hugs!), but holding digital meetings has given coaches the ability to reach new people from New York, to Canada, to the UK, and beyond. In other words the whole world is now our meeting room . . . Come on in!

The Affiliate Marketing Vision for PCA

"There’s no denying that affiliate marketing is here to stay. By 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to eclipse the $8 billion mark, nearly double what it was worth in 2015." (Forbes)

‘Affiliate Marketing’ are two of the 'Hot-topic, buzzwords in today’s business world. If you are searching on Google, and typing in; "Best online money-making methods", you would probably find affiliate marketing in the top 3. (Fact-check: I just did it and it worked!!!)

So. . .What is affiliate marketing?" It is the situation where one business owner introduces their clients to the products and services of another. When the product/service owner makes a sale to a referred client, then he/she earns a pre-agreed affiliate commission after the sale is made, a.k.a., a referral fee. The specific affiliate commission can vary and typically ranges between 10-40%.

This is a win-win-win arrangement.

  1. The client wins because they get the benefits of the provided product/service to solve a problem or take as step towards achieving their goals or dreams.
  2. The product/service owner wins because they get a warm introduction to a potential new client from a trusted source.
  3. The partner who makes the referral wins because they get passive income in the form of a referral fee after the sale is made.

In the context of the Professional Coaches Alliance, this win-win-win arrangement can be set up in multiple ways. Let’s look at three possibilities.

First, any PCA member can become an affiliate marketing partner for PCA. Every time a PCA member refers someone from their audience to attend a free month of PCA live events using our free monthly pass, and if that person subsequently joins PCA, the referring member will receive an affiliate commission.

Second, we encourage our members to become affiliate marketing partners with your fellow members. PCA coaches and service providers have a wide variety of specialties and areas of expertise. One of the key benefits of joining our alliance is that we can support each other through affiliate marketing agreements with each other. We all grow together when we help each other grow our business through referrals.

A third possibility is that PCA could undertake a joint marketing project with a PCA member that is mutually beneficial in some way, e.g., skills training that benefits PCA members and also provides benefits to the member. The “Ask the Expert” sessions offered by Premium members to all PCA members is an example of this joint project arrangement.

How does affiliate marketing work? As an affiliate marketing partner you receive a unique link from the product/service provider to use to direct your social media or email follower to view a specific web page that has an offer of some kind (can be a free offer, like PCA’s home page which contains the free monthly pass). Anyone who uses your unique link to access that page is automatically tracked by the product/service provider’s system, and if they subsequently make a purchase, then their system keeps track of that purchase, so that both you, the affiliate, and the product/service provider know about the sales transaction. The product/service provider then makes affiliate commission payments on some schedule like monthly or quarterly.

FYI: One of our first orders of business at PCA in 2022 was to set up affiliate marketing tracking links and an affiliate marketing support program. Members can sign up here to get their unique affiliate tracking links.

The Top 10 Reasons to Become a PCA Affiliate/Joint-Venture Partner

1. Zero Investment Costs to Get Started with PCA Affiliate Marketing
After your membership fee is paid, the operating expenses of the affiliate marketing partner are almost non-existent. As a member of the PCA affiliate marketing team, you will have all the information you and support you need to introduce PCA to your own audience, whether they are on your email list, your texting list, or on social media or even just through one-on-one conversation with people you meet.

2. Professional Coaches Affiliate list to Choose from
As PCA increases its membership globally, your own list of affiliate partners to choose from will grow as the PCA membership grows..

3. Members Helping Members
"I'll promote your Coaching/Consulting/ Training business and products if you promote mine!" It's simply an old-fashioned "finder's fee" gone digital, with all the work done for you on-line!

4. Work From Anywhere As a Digital Nomad
One of the great perks of affiliate marketing is; you can carry-on your affiliate marketing activities from anywhere in the world. You only need a laptop and an internet connection. (And you can even deduct your vacation stay as a business expense).

5. Fund your PCA Membership Dues`
If you are a new coach, this is the one of the easiest ways to start your own coaching business by making referrals to fellow PCA members. Get acquainted with fellow PCA members to understand who they market to, and the services they offer. Then use your social media following and email list to introduce your audience to PCA and to PCA members as an affiliate marketing partner. Any sales made by PCA or your PCA member affiliate partner will result in referral fees for you. These can be used to pay for your PCA membership dues and potentially be a continuing source of recurring revenue for your business.

6. Billion-Dollar Business (I Love This One!)
I started this article by stating that affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry that is growing rapidly with enormous opportunities. Take advantage of this golden opportunity . . .If you’re not yet a member, join PCA and become an affiliate marketer for PCA and for your fellow members. I'd love to be your affiliate!

7. Market-Ready Audience
By becoming a PCA member and an affiliate marketer for fellow PCA members, you will be getting a wider audience to promote and sell your own products and services, that will result in more customers by referrals fellow members make to you. If you market for your fellow members or for PCA, then you will not only be helping your fellow member, you can earn additional passive income from your affiliate commissions.

8. Convenience and Flexibility
Working as an affiliate marketing partner for your fellow coaches and service providers, you can have as many or as few affiliates as you want. As for flexibility, it's all up to your time and your schedule.

9. Learning through Earning
We all love to learn, and for the newer coaches who do not have their own products or classes, this is a chance to learn Affiliate Marketing along the way and earn cash at the same time. It's just another PCA member benefit.

10. No Expertise Needed (Because Practice Makes Perfect)
You don’t need to be a marketing expert to be an affiliate with PCA. With the entire Coach Finder roster to choose affiliates partners from, chances are your experienced affiliate partner will help you promote their products and/or services. Another win/win situation. As we grow . . you grow, and we are growing fast!

And In Conclusion:

Do What You Love Most! There are a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there if you choose that path to market your coaching services. I have suggested PCA as an option one-stop-marketing-shop for coaches and our service providers. The price is right, and the opportunities are many. If you decide to join our affiliate marketing team, I will be there to help you!!!

For additional learning about Affiliate Marketing, PCA members may access Tom Teague's workshop presentation from July 2020 titled: Grow Your Business Faster with Affiliate Partners