Benefits of SDPCA Membership

SDPCA is a non-profit membership association of diverse coaches and consultants, including business, life, performance and other professional development coaches and consultants. Our alliance is a collaboration of positive-thinkers, committed to serving others from our expertise and heart-centered passion.

Monthly, we come together to enhance our knowledge and skills, learn and share techniques with each other, and connect with other like-minded coaches for strategic alliances.  We offer two types of membership:

Coach Member - for experienced coaches and consultants providing professional services in their business. 

Associate Member - for those who may be exploring coaching as a career, are new to coaching and want to gain more insights about coaching.

All Member Benefits

  • Attend monthly meetings at no additional cost (12 professional expert-level seminars, a $1,200 value)
  • Attend post-meeting workshops free of charge (8 planned at $30 each = $240 value)
  • Network with the SDPCA community to broaden and deepen your professional and personal relationships (value is priceless)
  • Display promotional materials, books for sale, articles, etc., on the member display table
  • Obtain CEUs for ICF and BCC at a reduced member rate
  • Opportunity to contribute your time, services and talents, such as serving on the SDPCA Board of Directors

Coach Member Benefits

  • Broadened exposure for your coaching and consulting business by publishing your Coach Finder public profile on the SDPCA website with your custom video, links to your website, and  promotional offers
  • Participation in SDPCA Marketplace with links to your books and other information products
  • Leading a post-meeting skill-building workshop

Membership Pricing Options




Attend monthly meetings

Attend post-meeting workshops

Network with SDPCA community

Display promotional materials 

Obtain CEUs at a member rate

Service Opportunities






All Associate Member Benefits


Coach Finder Profile Page

SDPCA Member Marketplace

Leading Skill-building Workshops


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